Temple Spa

Temple Spa is the latest addition to Coco Grove Beach Resort, offering guests the experience of living in a spa and wellness haven nestled in the resort. Guests can choose between suites and rooms designed for couples or single travelers looking for quiet relaxation and spa pampering right at their doorstep. Our spa treatments include full body massage, body scrubs, and spa indulgence packages. Peace and bliss. Body, mind, and soul.

Open from 10am to 10pm.

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Massage Therapy

All our massages are available in 60 or 90 minute sessions.

Swedish Massage

Achieve overall body relief with this classic massage. Smooth out tight muscles, increase blood circulation, and feel all your tension melt away.

Traditional Hilot Massage

Relax your mind and heal your body with Philippine traditional hilot. Intuitive massage strokes and application of warm banana leaves coated in coconut oil guarantee relief like no other.

Hot Stone Massage

Give your aching muscles the treat they deserve. Warmed basalt stones placed on specific body points deeply penetrate the muscles to ease away tension and stiffness.

Herbal Aromatherapy Massage

Elevate your Swedish massage experience with the aroma of essential oils and healing herbs. Herbal balls and hot pad compress are applied to give relief from inflammation and muscle tightness.

Ventosa Massage

Improve blood circulation with the placement of suction cups on key meridian points in the body. Coupled with the soothing strokes of Swedish massage, relief and relaxation is very much within reach.

East and West Massage

Experience the wondrous sensation of being relaxed yet invigorated with the combination of Swedish and Thai massage techniques. The muscle-soothing strokes of Swedish massage combined with the assisted stretches of Thai massage removes fatigue, stiffness, and stress.

Body Care

Experience full body pampering with our luxurious and natural body scrub treatments.

Body scrubs gently remove dead skin and stimulate circulation. Step out with radiant, supple, and smooth skin.

Choose between magnesium-rich Epsom salts or the gentle exfoliating properties of brown sugar.

Our body scrub treatments are 90 minutes long and includes a 10 minute soak with a 15 minute back massage.

All our body scrubs are made fresh and from scratch using natural ingredients. Please make an appointment in advance or give our therapists 30 minutes to prepare the scrubs.

Ginger and Mint

Ginger contains antioxidants that protect the skin from rapid aging while the salicylic acid content of mint clears up clogged pores.

Honey and Vanilla

Honey moisturizes and smooths the skin while vanilla’s anti-inflammatory properties help soothe and calm irritated skin. Perfect if you’ve been under the sun all day.

Citrus and Lemongrass

Lighten and tighten the skin with this blend. The mild bleaching properties of citrus and the natural astringent in lemongrass can give skin a youthful glow.

Spa Indulgence Packages

Body scrub and Massage Packages

Body Scrub with 30min Massage

Choose from:

  • Head Face & Shoulders Massage
  • Back & Shoulders Massage
  • Foot Reflexology

2 hours

Body Scrub with 60min Massage

Choose from:

  • Swedish
  • Traditional Hilot
  • Hot Stone
  • Herbal Aromatherapy
  • Ventosa
  • Combination Massage

2 hours 30mins

Daily Yoga Classes

Be relax and free by joining our free daily yoga classes.

Please view our dedicated Yoga Classes page for more information.

Free for registered in-house Coco Grove Beach Resort guests.

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