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This place was great, I stayed roughly 8 days. The people were so great and always had a smile and a warm greeting. The rooms were very clean and accommodating. There were 2-3 restraunts operating so you had choices. The beaches were great and so was the motor bike tour of the island I took. I came to Siquijor Island to meet my fiancé and her family, this place is where I stayed. Really look forward to my wife and I to stay here next summer when we come back for a visit.

– Mike P (USA)

We stayed in this resort in May 2013 with my husband and plan to return in December 2015 with our daughter and my sister´s family, it was that nice! The service, hospitality, services provided, accommodation, pools, beach, marine sanctuary, diving trips, island trips, food — you name it — it was all close to perfection.

– Mari H (Helsinki, Finland)

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