Casa Coco Hotel

This hotel is our latest addition to Coco Grove Beach Resort. On this page you’ll find information about what the hotel has to offer.


The hotel features 30 rooms and 1 Penthouse, in 5 room categories.

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Restaurant and Bar

The hotel has it’s own bar and restaurant bar where you can wine and dine for lunch or dinner.

Meeting Place

Meet up, have discussions, play cards or just read a book and lounge in our Blue Room.

Room-to-Room Calls

Call other hotel rooms from the comfort of your room. This phone is connected to the front desk and hotel Bar.


The hotel features Siquijor’s first elevator, safely lifting guests from the ground to the rooftop and Penthouse level.


The hotel features free Wi-Fi for in-house guests in the bar area and front desk.

Wheelchair Access

The hotel has its own entrance, ramps, railings and elevator access to all rooms (except Penthouse).

Page last updated: September 28, 2022
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