Salamandas Restaurant

Published on: July 10th, 2009  •  Category: News

Salamandas Restaurant Image

We are excited to share the news of our successful opening of our new restaurant, “Salamandas” at Coco Grove Beach Resort on July 4, 2009. The restaurant is a welcome addition to our resort and specializes in seafood as well as international cuisine with island influences, and other signature dishes in a fine dining oceanfront atmosphere.

The name Salamander comes from both a mythical and a real creature. Numerous legends have developed around the Salamander over the centuries. The word Salamander is of Greek origins literally meaning “fire lizard”, stemmed from the belief that Salamanders were created from flames and would bring good fortune. The mythical creature is most often depicted much like a typical salamander in shape, with a lizard-like form, but it is usually ascribed an affinity with fire and its special elemental powers.

What a perfect location for Salamandas Restaurant, in the heart of Coco Grove Beach Resort, to reside on the mystical Island of Fire itself – Siquijor. We invite you to experience Salamandas and its natural charm.

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