Restricted aquatic activities in Tubod Marine Sanctuary

Published on: January 1st, 2024  •  Category: News

To improve your stay and honour local environmental regulations, we advise all guests planning a visit to familiarise themselves with the new fishing ban ordinance in place for the entire year of 2024.

According to local ordinance 2023-23, there will be a temporary halt on certain aquatic activities in the municipality of San Juan.

  • Diving is prohibited in municipal waters of San Juan for three days following the new moon
  • Snorkeling and swimming within the Tubod Marine Sanctuary are also restricted during this period

But don’t worry if you’re looking forward to swimming in the beautiful turquoise waters. You can still swim in the areas with white sand from 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

The ordinance highlights a commitment to protecting the marine ecosystem of Siquijor Island, ensuring that guests can still enjoy the natural beauty and serenity the island offers.

The ordinance will take effect on the following 3 days following a new moon:


January 12 13 14
February 10 11 12
March 11 12 13
April 9 10 11
May 8 9 10
June 7 8 9
July 6 7 8
August 5 6 7
September 3 4 5
October 3 4 5
November 2 3 4
December 1 2 3


Guests are encouraged to plan their stay and activities accordingly, and encourage exploring the island’s rich cultural heritage and stunning natural landscapes, all while contributing to the sustainability and protection of its marine environment.

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