Why we have problems with our Internet

Published on: June 19th, 2015  •  Category: Blog

Why we have problems with our Internet Image

Dear Guests,

We are aware that our Wi-Fi/internet connection has been the cause of much frustration at times. We would like to thank you for your patience and extend our apologies. In this post, we’d like to let you know what the latest news is on the internet status.

We try to offer Wi-Fi as we understand the importance for being connected for business emails and/or keeping in touch with friends and family. While we are able to offer this in certain areas, unfortunately as of this time the location of this resort is in a limited area where little and at times no connectivity is present. This is due to the limited telecommunication infrastructure available in our area of Tubod, San Juan.

You may find other areas outside of the resort that offer better internet connectivity. As confusing as this is, it is because they may be better positioned to receive signal from the base station and are located in location that are not in a dense with hilly areas, tall trees and plants – in other words have direct line of sight with existing towers.

We are doing the best that we can to provide you with these necessities with satellite internet access and non-commercial internet solutions in an attempt to get you connected. These solutions do work, which is why we can offer some internet connectivity for guests. However, there are factors outside our control that may affect the connection and cause slower than normal internet speeds:

  • Due to the limited Wi-Fi areas in the resort, you will also be sharing the same bandwidth as other users around you. The more users on the same connection, the slower the connection will get. So please be mindful to others when using our internet connection. Do not download large files and online videos and/or limit the use of Skype and/or voice/video calls.
  • The connections are based on a download/upload quota allowance. Once the quota exceeds its allocated limit, the internet will automatically be reduced to a slower speed. However, we will do our best to monitor & top-up our account whenever speeds reach this low level & restore the connection to its full speed.
  • Our satellite bandwidth is also shared with other major corporations in the Philippines. You may experience faster speeds outside of business hours.
  • The speed of our internet connection may be affected by weather conditions. Overcast or rain may affect the signal strength of the satellite connection causing slower speeds.

We appreciate and thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.

We, like you, have been waiting a long time for the infrastructure to come, and are currently pushing for a more stable, commercial-grade, higher speed connectivity to become available to our area and the resort as soon as possible.

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