About Macky

Published on: October 11th, 2015  •  Category: Blog

About Macky Image

On your last visit to Coco Grove, you may have been greeted by our macaw named Macky. Let us share with you his backstory and how this free bird does not want to fly away.

We purchased Macky from the Cartimar Bird Market in Manila in 1988. He was used as a decoy to lure customers into a pet shop. His wings were badly clipped; he had a metal band attached to a chain around his wrist; his flesh was overgrown on both sides of that band; and he was kept in a small metal cage. We couldn’t let this beautiful bird suffer any more for he had already been kept in this manor for over six years.

Macky now lives with us. It can fly away if he so deserves but prefers to stay with us. Macaws will always stay in their own area if they are happy. He lives on a diet of fresh fruits, quality assorted nuts and just loves to flirt with the front desk girls and guests.

He is now approximately 34 years old. We all love and care for him. We cannot replicate his live in the rainforests of the amazon as a wild bird with nature, but we feel comfortable in rescuing him from that terrible suffering he once endured in the backstreets of Manila.

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