Traditional Filipino Paraws

We are excited to introduce the new ‘Paraws’ to our must try activities here at Coco Grove Beach Resort. Many guests have asked us about these beautiful sailing boats which are unique to the Philippines, and here is their story.

Paraws (traditional filipino sailboats) are usually found in the Western part of the Visayas. Known for their ability to gather speeds between 20-30km per hour, they are truly a great thrill to experience. They are also quite relaxing. Enjoy the cool turquoise blue waters, the wind in your hair and the warmth of the sun. It’s a great way to see the resort from the sea and other spots on the island.

In the past, it has been said that paraws were the ‘getaway vehicles’ for escaping areas. Marauding pirates add to the legend, as having paraws as their boat of choice because of their speed, kidnapping beautiful maidens and whisking them away from their islands.

Paraws were also used for trade and commerce. They were key in transportation; used for transporting children to schools; getting the sick to the nearest island or doctor; and for shipping goods to the mainland.

Characteristically they have outriggers (two long poles to the sides of the boat) made of wood or bamboo that help balance the main banca (boat) and a mast pole to hold up the sails. Perhaps the most eye catching aspect of these beautiful boats is their large sails. They come in an array of exuberant colours and styles.

The paraws at Coco Grove Beach Resort are of the larger variety of build. They are around 8m long and can carry a maximum of 8 people. They are best enjoyed in smaller groups of around 4-6. Our paraw trips are guided by a captain and sailsman, so you will be able to sit, back, relax and enjoy your sailing experience.

It is truly magnificent at sunset especially, where you will see the sky fill with hues of orange, violet, red and yellow, as the sun makes its final bow for the day. Paraw sailing is something we would love all of our guests to try, they will create memories that will last a lifetime.

Maximum of 8 people

Page last updated: February 20, 2021
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