Cultural Show

Walking along a pathway of sand and stone, lighted candles and flares guide your way. An unforgettable experience awaits you. A feast for the senses, delicious smells wafting in the air and a colourful setting greets you at our stage. This is Coco Grove Beach Resort’s Cultural Exhibition and Dinner Evening.

Come along with us on a journey over the Philippine archipelago. From the mountains of Luzon, to the fiestas of the Visayas, finally arriving in the majestic lands of Mindanao. We love to share our culture. During our cultural show evenings, we present to you dances and traditions passed down from generations of proud and creative Filipinos.

We welcome you to immerse yourself into the rich culture and history that the Philippines has to offer. Try your foot work with the famous Tinikling dance, be entertained by some of the flambuoyant spanish-inspired dances and find yourself awe of the beautiful traditional musical instruments brought all the way from Mindanao, including the large drums called the Dabakan.

Guests are serenaded by traditional Filipino songs as the evening begins, followed by a sumptuous buffet dinner and a performance by the Kultura Filipina Folkloric Dance Troupe of Siquijor College. Ending with a night on the dance floor and many new friends.

Over the years, guests have been telling us, it is really a night to remember in their holidays. The Cultural Exhibition and Dinner evenings take place on most weekends during Peak Season, November to April, depending on weather conditions. Front Desk and Guest Reservations can assist in organising this for you.

Page last updated: February 20, 2021
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