Our experience on the Oslob Whale Sharks Tour

Published on: February 13th, 2013  •  Category: News

Our experience on the Oslob Whale Sharks Tour Image

Please note:

This article discusses an experience for a tour that is no longer available. We’ve kept it here for archival and educational purposes only. We appreciate your understanding and invite you to explore our other exciting sea and land/island tours on our Tours page.

For the past few months, we’ve been part of a really special and rare opportunity to experience the grandeur of the magnificent creatures, Whale Sharks (Butanding in filipino).

The whale shark watching experience feels surreal and beautiful. They’re so large but so graceful as they swim alongside you. Getting up close and personal with these friendly giants really makes you feel close to nature and reconnect with the world around you.

Whale Sharks have been migrating through Oslob for many years now, and you can expect to see an average of four to five whales each time, but sometimes we’ve even witnessed up to twelve in the area while being fed by the local fishermen. There are a mixture of whale sharks, mostly averaging around three to five metres in length, but so far the largest we have sighted during our trips at Oslob was 9 metres long.

This beautiful day trip begins from Coco Grove Beach Resort early in the morning with breakfast on board. Our experienced crew will cruise you to Oslob where you can feed and swim, as well as whale shark diving and/or snorkel. You will then be treated to a sumptuous buffet lunch on Sumilon Beach and experience amazing diving around Sumilon Island and Oslob. A perfect end to a perfect day includes the well-renowned sunsets that you’ll experience on the trip back to the resort. We tailored our trip so that’s it’s not only great fun, but a most relaxing and comfortable experience, one you’ll be sure to love.

See our Oslob Whale Sharks Tour for more information.

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