Diving Packages

Let us help you explore Siquijor Island’s Diving experience with our range of diving equipment for hire and offer a variety of diving courses and fun dives.

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Diving Courses

Our professionally trained instructors offer a range of PADI or NAUI SCUBA diving courses for beginners or advanced divers.

View our Diving Courses page for more information.

Diving Fees

There is a fee to dive in the Tubod Marine Sanctuary. This fee goes towards protecting the sanctuary.

Type Price
Per day per diver PHP 100
With Camera PHP 150

Fun Dives

Dive Type Price Inclusions
Beach Dive PHP 1,000* 1 Dive; Tank; Weights; Dive guide
Boat Dive PHP 1,100* 1 Dive; Tank; Weights; Dive guide; Boat
Boat Dive with Equipment PHP 1,400 1 Dive; Tank; Weights; Dive guide; Boat; Equipment Rental

* Rates do not include equipment rental.

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Equipment Rental

Equipment Type Price
Enriched Air 32% (NITROX) PHP 450 per dive
Torch Rent PHP 260 per dive
Computer Rent PHP 260 per dive
Regulator PHP 260 per day
BCD PHP 260 per day
Snorkeling set PHP 260 per day
Wetsuit PHP 260 per day

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